Ami Gainford


Ideas first. Design first. People first.



Aiming high. The most successful brands pair powerful ideas with striking design. This high standard is the driving force behind every project regardless of its size, time and budget.

Solving problems. Without a brief, problem or goal, design can be all style and no substance. The ‘why’ of a design, rather than the ‘what’, gives reason and purpose behind every decision made. The results, unique design solutions that make a difference.

People first. That’s clients, co-workers and contractors. The creative process depends on the bravery of people to share ideas and opinions. An environment where everybody feels heard, valued, and equal is essential to creating the most inspired solutions.

Working hard. And never giving up. Knowing instinctively when a problem is cracked, a design is perfected and a presentation is primed. Taking the time to really craft a design, as that extra hard work can often be the difference between a good result and a great one.